Elijeko Foundation

Elijeko Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that operates in Sub-Saharan Africa to provide free preventative health education, health promotions, and community clinics. Health is an important issue, but the majorities of people in Africa are not aware of this and live without a basic understanding of preventative health or health promotion. The key to disease prevention is education.

We are creating awareness through a partnership with community leaders and healthcare providers. We employ a community-based approach to health education and work with health care providers to create a platform that draws attention to the need to focus on patients’ safety with the hope to eliminate preventable harm and death in healthcare facilities across the sub-region.

We work with volunteer Medical professionals who provide free health education through radio, television, social medial, and community events. Our free clinic initiatives provide free medical, dental, and vision services to under-served communities.

Our Dedicated Team